About Nagel Cattle Company

Our mission is to provide registered and commercial beef producers with high-quality Maine-Anjou seed stock.  We utilize multi-trait selection tools and strive for balanced performance in our cattle while maximizing the inherent strengths of the Maine-Anjou breed and injecting Angus and Simmental genetics to enhance productivity for both us and our customers. Our cattle must thrive in both our pastures and our feedlots and we know our customers expect the same.  Look to us for your next herd-improving seed stock purchases and rely on us to service what we sell.

Located in the beautiful breaks of the Missouri River Valley in southeast South Dakota, Nagel Cattle Company was launched in 1990 with the purchase of the Neil and Doris Thomas ranch.   Today the ranch consists of more than 2200 acres of land, most pastureland with some productive, low bottom farm ground.  The Nagel family has been working a portion of this land for three generations and today the family still works the land and cattle together.  Blane and his son, Landon, and their families manage the cow herd and seed stock operation while John M. and Delina Nagel and Bryan and Angela Nagel both manage family feedlots which annually house 2,000 head.

The Nagel Team